Reg Cowie Memorial Fund


Reg Cowie Memorial Fund


The Story 


Reg and Nancie Cowie are missionaries from Generation Church. Tuesday morning, December 8th, Reg was involved in a fatal auto accident on a 2 lane road as he was traveling  to serve and minister to prisoners. Reg and his wife Nancy have been faithfully ministering for over 10 years in South Africa. Reg served in many ministries over his lifetime but the last several years were devoted to discipling inmates and correctional officers in local prisons.  A memorial service in South Africa was held on Wednesday Dec 17th .


Money raised through this site will be given to Nancy to help with immediate and future financial needs as Nancy encounters them and also commitments made to the Prison Ministry in SA.


It is our hope that we can have a memorial service here in the US in the future. More details will come later for that. 


Please help Nancy thru this time with both prayer and financial assistance by donating on this giving page.