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Life Groups

Real change happens in real life with real people.  

We believe following  Jesus isn't just about what you do (or don't do), it's about living in alignment with who you are.

We believe that in light of the Gospel we have been given a new identity.  Because of Jesus we are now adopted as God's Family of Servants on His Mission to see everything (including ourselves) restored back to all the fullness He has for us.

So how do we live as a Family?  How do we nurture lives of Christ-like service to each other and those around us?  How do we live life on God's mission to restore and redeem people?

We believe we answer those by living as a missional community or as we like to call them, "Life Groups."  Life Groups aren't primarily a small group, bible study, or a weekly meeting (although they may meet weekly and study the bible). Life Group's are how we live life as disciples of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life in community.

If you are wanting to really "be the church" instead of just attending events, this is where it all begins!  Email us HERE and we'll connect you!

**To learn more about our philosophy of missional communities we encourage you to watch this video HERE.

Community Groups
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