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Global Missions Partners


Organization: Missional Made Simple



Pastor Tim and the Morr family have been working together for years even prior to them becoming part of our international work.


Todd was a founding leader of the Soma Family of Churches and Saturate the World. He also helped start Josiah Venture, which has been doing youth ministry training and evangelism for 25 years in 14 different Eastern European countries. He lived in Eastern Europe for 11 years in the Czech Republic and Romania and has been serving church leaders internationally since 1994. For the past 20+ years, he's been helping train and coach both existing churches and church plants in North America and 20 other countries to form Missional Communities and other forms of missional small groups. 

Todd spends lots of his time consulting with church leaders and their teams to assess where they need help and how to move forward with concrete plans toward greater disciple-making and missional effectiveness. He also has a passion to see churches united and learning to work together to see gospel influence spread in their cities.


Todd is married to Hannah who has 20 years of experience living a missional life and leading MC’s in Romania, Tacoma, and San Diego. She’s had great impact on the lives of many non-Christian women friends, as someone who is gifted as an evangelist, and has also deeply discipled many Christian women over the years. And, she’s a pretty amazing Mom! Hannah is also available for female leaders interested in getting on a video call to talk about living intentionally on mission and helping lead a Missional Community as women.


Locally, Todd and Hannah lead a Gospel Community in San Diego with New City Church, which is part of the Soma Family of Churches. They have 5 kids who love Jesus, sports, and spending time together outdoors as a family.

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Organization: Mozaika Church
Location: Košice, Slovakia


The Mittelmann family planted Mozaika church in Ervin's hometown of Kosice. They began with 1 Missional Community of 5 people!  


About the Mittelmanns: They are Slovakian natives who feel called to be the church and proclaim the Gospel in their city.  Slovakia has a Protestant Christian population of about 7%, however only 0.2% claim to be "evangelical" stating they consider themselves to have a "personal relationship with Jesus".  Gospel-centered everyday normal Christians are perceived to be strange sectarian cult members by nationalist Catholic majority.  This makes the work of church planting in Slovakia very difficult. Mozaika has done an amazing job loving people and blessing people in their community which has built trust and mutual respect.  


Ervin is well known around Slovakia as a consultant to other churches as well as for equipping everyday Slovakian Christians for living on mission.  Mozaika currently has 11 DNA groups and 3 missional communities that meet around their city, share life together, and intentionally pursue people with the Good News of the Gospel.


We love being involved as sister churches with Mozaika and have regular Zoom calls with their leadership teams to encourage and equip one another.  Ervin was here with us in 2018 and 2020 and we hope to return the favor by visiting Slovakia in the years to come!  Pray for the Mittelmann family and Mozaika church!

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Organization: Mission Dispatch

Location: Chisinau, Moldova



Sara and Sasha Pascal have been missions partners of Generation Church for a few years now.  Pastor Tim and Sasha met and shared a cabin during a church equipping conference in Poland during 2017.  
Our church supports their work in Moldova through monthly financial & seasonal financial support.  We also help with ministry coaching, and relational investment. Sasha grew up in Moldova and Sara grew up in the Northwest (WA).  They have 2 children, Adela and Miroslav (recently adopted). You can learn more about them on their website above.

VISION: We desire to see Christians and non-Christians alike transformed by the saving and changing grace of the Gospel throughout Moldova.
MISSION: We want to catalyze groups of believers to live in community together, disciple one another and engage in intentional mission in their neighborhoods

The Pascals are currently church planting in their neighborhood, engaging in social media to create disciple making movements as well as supporting local churches and church plants in any way we can.  We love the Pascals and are excited to see how God blossoms their new ministry in Moldova!

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Organization: Arshand Mission Church
Location: Arshand, Mongolia & Myanmar

Our global missions team members (Rick and Marylou Jenkinson) have been working in Mongolia for many years.  Rick has worked with the team and the Pastors of Arshand Mission Church to drill fresh drinking water wells in some of the most unreached and inaccessible areas of the world.  

Arshand Mission Church also has a seperate non-profit called Green Gobi International that allows teams to drill wells throughout Mongolia and assist local churches in their efforts to share the Gospel with unreached people groups.  Pastor Boldhuu and his wife Sehnaa are very sincere and faithful in their ministries.  They have a son and a daughter.  Boldhuu studied at Ulaanbaatar Bible School.

We are very excited to continue to partner with the ministry in Mongolia and beyond as we focus on assisting in the Gospel being proclaimed to unreached people groups. 

More specific 
details of this ministry have intentionally been left out due to security risks in the region.

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