"What if it was less important that anything ever gets fixed than that nothing has to be hidden?"

-The Cure


We all need environments where we can learn to be real. We need relationships that allow us to come out of hiding and risk being known. We're all tempted to live with a mask on, believing the lie that our shame defines us. But, what if the grace of God is greater than our sin and our shame? And what if God has placed people in our lives to help us experience His love and to heal over time? 

We believe healing and growth happens best in the context of relationships saturated by the gospel of grace.

Afterall, grace is what grows us (2 Pet. 3:18) and it's in the context of trusted relationships, lived visibly and vulnerably, that we can experience and express grace in powerful and transformative ways!

This is what DNA Groups are for. 

A DNA group is an enclave of grace! 

Simply put, a DNA is a group of 3 individuals of the same gender who gather weekly (or as often as possible) for the purpose of transformation and discipleship through the study and discussion of scripture, books, or various topics centered around the gospel.

DNA is an acronym that reminds of us three key components of discipleship: discover, nurture, and act. The goal is to help one another discover Jesus in the Scriptures, nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and faithfully act on what the Spirit calls us to do.

DNA Groups are the bread and butter of what we do as a church. Get one started today.



Start a DNA Group

You can start a DNA group right away. Here are a few simple steps:
  1. Prayerfully invite 2 or 3 others
  2. Download DNA Starter Guide
  4. REACH OUT if you need help
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Ready to start a DNA Group or need more info?
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