Gospel Culture

The logo of the Generation Church family features the iconic image of the Oceanside Pier.  We love our city and the pier is an amazing place of recreation, rest, family get togethers, fishing, dining, and enjoyment of the beautiful Pacific Ocean shoreline.  The pier is beautiful but it's beauty comes from its purpose.  The pier was designed as an access point, a way people can more fully enjoy the beauty and majesty of the California Coastline.  We love the pier because it gives us access to the ocean in a way we couldn't have without it.  The pier maximizes and deepens our enjoyment of our city and ocean.  It brings us closer to the water and views that we love and draw life from.  In this same way we feel the PIER is a metaphor of who we are as the church.  We want our church family to be an access point for people to come to know and enjoy God in His beauty and majesty.  In harmony with that we have a culture playbook AKA "the culture of the PIER".  We hope you join us as we expand and enjoy the PIER culture!