Welcome to GenYouth (6-12th Grade) 

Are you wondering who this Jesus guy is?
Or maybe you’ve been following Jesus and want to dive deeper in your relationship with Him?!

GenYouth is a place for 6th-12th graders to learn about Jesus and dive deep into life with Him. Each week, we gather together to grow in healthy relationships with Jesus and each other. That means we learn about what Christ has done, who that makes us, and how that impacts the way we live our lives. 

We understand that it is hard to be a student these days. The pressure of the world is real. But, that’s why we are so stoked on meeting together and anchoring ourselves in the real hope we have in Jesus. We’d love to meet you at one of our gatherings and get to learn more about your story! On Sundays look for the student section near the stairs and grass in between services. Roman and the team will be there to meet you and hang out before the 2nd service begins. 

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Collide is our conversation-based, personal application Bible study. We meet each week as a tight knit group to walk through life together, learn together, and really figure out what being a follower of Jesus looks like in our real lives. We'll have conversations about dating, relationships, friends, forgiveness, identity, and self-worth as we learn from Jesus through His Word. Most importantly, we'll experience the transformative love of God as we walk with Him and each other through real life! Hope to see you soon!

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For more info on GenYouth, contact Roman Saward