Find your home away from home.

Whether you're a single Marine or a military family stationed at Camp Pendleton, we are for you and with you. Our church has been in Oceanside for almost 70 years and was once nicknamed "The Home Church" as Marines from all over the country longed for "a little taste of home" and called Generation Church their new family.

​Initially our church was planted in 1952 as "Service Memorial Southern Baptist Church" and ministered heavily to military families and service men and women.  We are now called Generation Church but our love for our military families hasn't changed!

Whether you're just beginning a spiritual journey or are landing in Oceanside looking to serve and lead, we would love to get to know you and see what God has for you here!  We have many military individuals and families part of our church family so community is waiting for you.

​Please contact us so we can get to know you soon!  Or drop in on a Sunday and say hi!  God bless you and thank you for the many sacrifices you have made and are making to serve our country!